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Abduction Strengthening in Forearm Sidelying Plank

Oh my goodness, this is a tough exercise. I only have one client who is exercise obsessed that really likes this exercise. It is another great general body strengthener. It requires trunk work activation in general, abdominal and back as well as abduction/adduction depending on the leg. This exercise is marginally easier on a forearm than on a straight arm. For my clients who will tolerate it, I love it for my clients trying to hold off scoliosis surgery or who persistently shorten one side. To make this exercise easier, have your client start propping an elbow on a wall in standing and bring his hips closer and further away from the wall. To challenge the client more, allow him to prop on a desk top, then a progressively lower bench. The floor is really hard. On the floor, I often see the client kind of roll forward instead of lifting his hips straight up toward the ceiling. If this is the case, I have him start lying down with his back to the wall. I ask him to lift his hips up straight along the wall. It is then visually obvious to everyone when he rolls forward instead.

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