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Pediatric Physical Therapy Strengthening Exercises for the Ankles

Treatment Suggestions by Muscle Action

PPTEforAnkles BookCover-FinalVersion for

  Written by

Amy E. Sturkey, PT 

This book features stop-action photos and “how-to” tips to strengthen children’s ankles. With exercise suggestions for dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, inversion and eversion, this book is a lifesaver for PTs, physical therapy assistants, instructors, caregivers, and parents. The hips are simply the first body part that we have targeted in a book, with more target areas upcoming in the future. This book is perfect for telehealth. New physical therapists will love ideas to assist in treatment session preparation, planning, and programming. More experienced physical therapists will have at their fingertips a wide range of treatment suggestions for the ankles to add more variety in their treatment sessions.

Check out a few pages from this book!

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