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About Us

Guy Bryant is happily retired from South Georgia Medical Center where he handled the programming required for the electronic medical record interface between the patient, the doctors and the pharmacy. But enough about old news!  Guy knows a variety of programming languages including Pascal, VB, HTML, VGR, Java, and Lua.  He is an accomplished photographer and editor of video and still photography. 

Amy Sturkey has been a pediatric Physical Therapist at Child and Family Development in Charlotte, NC for over 30 years...who's counting anyway.  She is full of ideas and wants to fill a void in physical therapy treatment education.  She dreams of helping kids not just around the clinic, but around the world, starting with that cute boy in Kenya.  

We formed Gotcha Apps, LLC in December 2013 and have been slowly plugging away at the process to publish our multi-media educational material.   In 2016, we ventured into children's educational picture books. We hope in the near future to release parent- and therapist- oriented pediatric physical therapy manuals



Amy Sturkey


Guy Bryant



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