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Finally I Get a Ride! Plantarflexion Strengthening

Ok, I am the one that loves this activity. I finally get to go for the ride! I ride on the scooterboard or I may use a rolling desk chair (which is definitely harder to steer, but a challenge can be a good thing). Remember that hard floors like wood or vinyl tile are much easier than pushing me on carpet. If there is a sibling in the room, I usually let my client push the sibling. A mother or a father is fun to push too but often the parent needs to help being propelled by pulling some with their legs.

I often will motivate the child by putting stacked blocks at the finish line. The person riding knocks down the blocks dramatically and with flare. What kids like best about this activity is when I return the favor and push the child for an equal distance. I have to admit I usually start off giving the child a ride, and then I take my turn.

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