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Hold on! Stay Still! I'm on My Way! Middle Back/Biceps Strengthening

I am not sure why, but this is a very hard skill for my clients to figure out. The client only has to stay in place and stay steady while I pull off the rope he is stabilizing for me. I call it being the anchor. It is easier to be the anchor with a smaller person on the scooterboard or with the person on hard floor instead of carpeting. Often a parent has to help model or help hold. Sometimes I have to put spots on the floor for each of the child’s feet to be on. A common mistake is for the child to want to pull and move backward instead of staying still. Sometimes I back the child up to a wall, so there is nowhere for him to walk to. Often the child doesn’t know how to lean back to be an effective counterweight to me pulling on them. So, I have to teach the child, “Lean back like this!”

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