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Airplanes with Hip and Trunk Support

I have to admit, I usually perform this activity with a smaller child…but this was the model I had. Here I am providing hip and trunk support to my model .This is a fantastic low back work out (for both of us). The key is holding the child with your forearm across the child’s hips. It is not bad for stretching adductors since the child’s legs straddle my waist. If the child cannot get her legs that wide, I hold the child to my side where I am not as thick. One of my favorite ways to play this is “flying” to the mirror where the child can rest her hands for a moment. Then we fly away from the mirror in a circuit and return. Or, I can fly to the child’s mother who hands us a ring, for example, and then we fly across the room to where I have the ring stander placed high for the child to put the ring on. Then, I continue flying back to the mother. I continue this until the child or I get tired. Also, the more upright I hold the child, the easier this activity is. I can hold her very upright or progressively closer to parallel to the floor to dramatically increase the challenge. The further forward and extended I can encourage the child to stretch his arms, the harder this activity is. My model did a great job here with his arms in front and extended.

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