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September 20, 2015



This is one of the easier external rotation exercises. Some clients need a pillow or twounder their head to be able to see their feet for this exercise.I tend to start with the hip internally rotated and then have my client externally rotate.I usually talk about wind...

September 20, 2015



I tend to use this exercise on clients who have little idea or little capability of pushing with hip and knee extension.If you carefully balance the client (no small if), then a small push from the client can produce a big and rewarding movement.I often end up taking...

September 6, 2015


Most of my clients love scooterboard activities.If they don’t love it when they first come to PT, it is not long before I wear them down, and they love it.I use this activity for both back/neck extension and hand strengthening. I use wedges to decrease the effect of g...

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